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      Land Rover Range Rover 2024 Overview and Prices in KSA

      Unmistakably recognizable, the Land Rover Range Rover 2024 has a distinctive shape. Inside, it is exquisitely furnished with opulent comfort and a variety of cutting-edge technologies. It comes in 11 trims and has a choice of inline 6 or V8 engines for power. This number of trims and choices allows you to customize the car exactly the way you want it to be for you. It’s extremely luxurious, extremely equipped with the latest features and technologies, with a number that you can’t even imagine. If you have the money to acquire one, do it since it has the style aspect that appeals to everyone and you will enjoy driving it. Luxury will surround you and the technology will embrace you.

      Land Rover Range Rover Trims:


      • SWB SE
      • SWB HSE
      • SWB Autobiography
      • SWB SV
      • LWB SE
      • LWB HSE
      • LWB Autobiography
      • LWB SV
      • LWB 7 Seats SE
      • LWB 7 Seats HSE
      • LWB 7 Seats Autobiography

      Saudi Arabia:

      • SWB SE
      • SWB HSE
      • SWB Autobiography
      • SWB SV
      • LWB SE
      • LWB HSE
      • LWB Autobiography
      • LWB SV
      • LWB 7 Seats SE
      • LWB 7 Seats HSE
      • LWB 7 Seats Autobiography

      Land Rover Range Rover 2024 Powertrain and Chassis 

      • Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission
      • Suspension: Electronic air suspension with dynamic response
      • 3.0L turbocharged inline 6-cyinder MHEV P360/P400 engine:
      • 360hp and 500Nm of torque/400hp and 550Nm of torque
      • 0 to 100km/h in around 6.3 to 5.8sec
      • Top speed is approx. 225 to 242km/h
      • All-wheel drive
      • Fuel tank capacity is 90 Liters
      • Fuel consumption is 9.6-10.4 L/100km
      • Ground clearance is 219mm
      • 3.0L turbocharged inline 6-cylinder PHEV P460e engine:
      • 440hp and 620Nm of torque
      • 0 to 100km/h in around 5.7sec
      • Top speed is approx. 225km/h
      • All-wheel drive
      • Fuel tank capacity is 71.5 Liters
      • Fuel consumption is 0.6-0.8 L/100km
      • 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8 P530 engine:
      • 530hp and 750Nm of torque
      • 0 to 100km/h in around 4.6sec
      • Top speed is approx. 250km/h
      • All-wheel drive
      • Fuel tank capacity is 90 Liters
      • Fuel consumption is 11.3-12.0 L/100km
      • Ground clearance is 219mm

      Land Rover Range Rover 2024 Exterior

      • The exterior lighting system: The exterior lighting system of the Land rover Range Rover 2024 consist of pixel LED headlights with signature daytime running lights, or digital LED headlights with signature daytime running lights and image projection in the higher models. Animated directional indicators and front fog lights are available. LED turn signals are integrated to the side mirrors. The simple design of the LED taillights gives a comfortable design to the eyes. Exterior delay function is available for the front lights as well.
      • The Front looks: Starting with the front of the Land rover range rover 2024, the front features a uniquely designed front grille with black and chrome accents, and a sporty front bumper that incorporates the fog lights. The bumper and grille slightly change in the SV trim, and depending on your choice, the grille might be fully black with the lower section on the bumper being fully black or accentuated with chrome.
      • The sides: 21 or 22-inch wheels with different designs are available in addition to optional 23-inch wheels on the highest trim. Flush door handles, and electrically folding and adjustable side mirrors complement the side profile. This is in addition to approach lights available popping from the mirrors and the doors
      • From the rear, the land rover range rover 2024 features a handsfree liftgate, aerodynamic roof spoiler and a sporty black bumper. this combination gives the rear an athletic design. The design of the sides is very sleek overall, missing any kind of aggressive lines and wearing all sleekness and smoothness to be very comfortable to the eye in a unique and luxurious way. The color of the side accents on the front fenders depend on the trim and the choice. A dual-tone body color is available, and higher trims come with bronze accents that emphasize the aristocratic identity of the car.
      • The exterior colors: Land rover offers the range rover 2024 with the following color options which include Batumi gold, Charente gray, Lantau bronze, Ostuni pearl white, Hakuba silver, and Belgravia green. Other exterior colors are available. Contact the dealer for available options.

      Land Rover Range Rover 2024 Interior and Infotainment

      • Wheelbase: The Range Rover is known to be available in small-wheelbase and long-wheelbase version; the latter is available with seven seats. The first is available with 4 or 5 seats, depending on the configuration. The 3rd-row seats are electrically foldable through a button. Everything is actually electrically controlled. The second-row seats are also electrically controlled, so is the center armrest (opened with a button). When opened, it has a screen to controlled the rear climate and to incline the front passenger seats so the rear passenger gets more comfort space.
      • Seats functions: The front seats come with heating, memory, ventilation, and massaging function. The front seats are 24-way electrically adjustable, making them very comfortable in every possible way for the driver and passenger. The rear seats’ functions are controlled through the center screen in the middle armrest. When the rear seats are folded, there’s 2365 liters of space storage.
      • 4-zone climate control: The front climate control is controlled through a lower center screen in the front center console and the rear climate control is controlled through the center rear screen mentioned above.
      • Customization: The cabin is highly customizable as you can choose the accents that decorate it. Glossy black or wood, for example, are options to accentuate your dashboard and center console. Aluminum brushes, bronze accents, and other high quality materials are all options you choose to create the interior. Leather covers the interior everywhere giving a great feeling of luxury.
      • SV trim: it is the highest trim when it comes to luxury. It may come with 4 seats, allowing a high center console to lie between the two rear seats and leaving place for a foldable wood table, a refrigerator for beverages.
      • The technology features: A 13.1-inch touchscreen, navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, a 13.7-inch driver information display, twin 11.4-inch rear-seat entertainment, and a Meridian signature sound system with 34 speakers are among the technology and infotainment highlights of the Land Rover Range Rover 2024. Add to that front and rear wireless chargers.
      • Pivi Pro: The Pivi Pro infotainment system allows you to control all the systems in the car. The front screen can control the front seats, the rear seats (fold them or adjust them), the climate control, the air purifier to enhance the air quality in the cabin, the Off-road page with all the surrounding cameras, car’s height, the driving modes, and others.

      Land Rover Range Rover Pros and Cons


      • Powerful
      • Very comfortable ride
      • Luxurious cabin


      • Price
      • Fuel economy

      Land Rover Range Rover Safety and Driving Assistance

      Land rover equipped the range rover with a lineup of safety features which include the following

      • Dynamic stability control
      • Antilock braking system
      • Electronic brakeforce distribution
      • Electronic traction control
      • Cornering brake control
      • Roll stability control
      • Emergency brake assist
      • Seatbelts with pretensioners
      • Airbags
      • Front and rear parking sensors
      • Seatbelts with pretensioners
      • Lane departure warning system
      • Forward collision mitigation system
      • Blind spot warning
      • Rear collision warning
      • Driver attention alert
      • Stability control
      • Head-up Display

      Land Rover Range Rover 2024 Prices


      • SWB SE: AED 559,248
      • SWB HSE: AED 625,503
      • SWB Autobiography: AED 727,038
      • SWB SV: AED 899,238
      • LWB SE: AED 599,099
      • LWB HSE: AED 644,564
      • LWB Autobiography: AED 736,439
      • LWB SV: AED 1,051,229
      • LWB 7 Seats SE: Currently not available
      • LWB 7 Seats HSE: Currently not available
      • LWB 7 Seats Autobiography: Currently not available

      Saudi Arabia:

      • SWB SE: SAR 614,544
      • SWB HSE: SAR 688,614
      • SWB Autobiography: SAR 802,119
      • SWB SV: SAR 994,744
      • LWB SE: SAR 659,172
      • LWB HSE: SAR 710,117
      • LWB Autobiography: SAR 812,812
      • LWB SV: SAR 1,166,322
      • LWB 7 Seats SE: Currently not available
      • LWB 7 Seats HSE: Currently not available
      • LWB 7 Seats Autobiography: Currently not available
    • General Information
      Car Type
      Engine and Powertain
      Engine Type
      Number of Cylinders
      Engine Capacity
      3.0 Litre
      Engine Charging
      Transmission Type
      Transmission Speed
      Wheel Drive System
      All-Wheel Drive
      Fuel Tank Capacity
      80 Litre
      Total Horsepower
      355 HP
      500 Nm
      Top Speed
      Top Speed KM/h
      Acceleration 0-100 km/h
      6.3 Seconds
      Suspension and Braking System
      Suspension System
      Double wishbone
      Suspension System
      Suspension System
      Air Suspension
      Diff Lock
      Exterior Features
      Front Alloys Size
      21 Inch
      Rear steering
      Rear Alloys Size
      21 Inch
      Alloys Materials
      Light display
      Front Headlights
      Daytime Running Lights
      Fog Lights
      Welcome Lights
      2454 Kg
      5052 mm
      2209 mm
      1870 mm
      2997 mm
      Number of Seats
      Seat Material
      Massage seats
      Cooled Seats
      Heated Seats
      Yes (Front and Rear Seats)
      Memory Seats
      Yes Driver Seat
      Steering Wheel Multifunction
      Steering Wheel Material
      Leather null
      Roof opening
      Panoramic with roof opening
      Head-up display
      Air Conditioner
      Yes (Three-zone)
      Infotainement System
      Main Screen
      13.1 Inch
      Navigation System
      Wireless Charging
      Android Auto
      Wireless null
      Apple Carplay
      Rear Entertainment System
      Safety & Driving Aids
      Parking Brake
      Park assist
      Start Push-Button
      Lane Keeping Assist System
      Dual Front + seat mounted + curtain
      Cruise Control
      Rearview Mirror Camera
      Front Sensors
      Rear Sensors
      Automatic Emergency Braking
      Collision Warning
      Blind Spot Alert
      Cross Traffic Alert
      Remote Car starter
      Brake assist
      ESS emergency stop signal
      Tire Pressure Monitoring System
      Driver Attention
      Hill-hold control
      Intelligent Rearview Mirror
    • Meet the SUV that is extremely luxurious and extremely equipped with features and technologies.Explore full specification of Land Rover Range Rover 2024 in KSA