About Autopedia

1 Showroom for all Automotive Brands
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  • The Birth of Autopedia

    Following the success of our automotive lifestyle digital platform striveme.com, launched in 2018, we quickly identified a gap in the automotive market where consumers had no true support in their journey of purchasing a brand new car. Gathering all the information about the car brands and their offerings took time and effort which resulted in prolonging the purchase journey or cancelling entirely. From there, we decided to broaden our market presence with the sole goal of assisting consumers in their research and decision-making process when buying a new car by developing a comprehensive online comparison, testing, and purchasing platform for automobiles.
  • 1 Showroom for all Automotive Brands

    Autopedia is a smart virtual showroom that aggregates up-to-date details about brand new cars of all makes in the KSA & UAE. Autopedia does the heavy lifting when it comes to car shopping. At the click of a button, consumers can effortlessly read reviews of all car makes and models, and make multiple detailed and visual comparisons based on different aspects of the cars, be it specifications, brands, up to date prices, or seasonal offers per trim.